Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a psychotherapy that integrates visual art as a vehicle to express and contain thoughts and feelings.  Images can express more than words, therefore art therapy allows unconscious images to emerge that can be used with an experienced clinician for the client’s benefit. Through art therapy, the therapist provides an opportunity for nonverbal expression and communication, which can promote a reconciliation of emotional conflicts and foster self-awareness and personal growth.

Art is also important in healing.  The process of creating and immersing oneself in art making is important for individuals experiencing physical illness, recovery, emotional issues and trauma.

I have a private practice specializing in art therapy and bereavement.  My focus is with children, adolescents and young adults who have lost a parent.  I also work with individuals and groups with various psychological issues as well as for self growth.

My work was recognized by the American Art Therapy Association with the 2021 Outstanding Applied Creative Practice Award.

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