As an artist, educator, consultant, and therapist, I embrace creativity in all aspects of my life and work.

You can download my abbreviated resume here: simone alter muri art resume 2021


As an artist, I create and exhibit multidimensional plain air paintings and conceptual installations about social issues. I am particularly interested in exposing the ways genocides and surveillance occur, and making people aware of these issues through my art.  I have studied art at the Museum School in Boston, The Art Institute of Boston, Massachusetts College of Art, and the University of Massachusetts and with various artists.  In 2005 I was an Artist in Residence at the Vermont Studio School.


I developed and founded the Undergraduate and Graduate Art Therapy Programs at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. I served as the Director of the Art Education and Art Therapy undergraduate and graduate programs since 1990. I currently direct the Art Education and Graduate Art Therapy programs.  As a professor,  I teach a wide range of courses in both programs.


As a consultant, I train educators and allied health professionals about the applications and benefits of art therapy and art as healing. I also lecture and lead workshops on numerous subjects related to art therapy, art education and creativity.


I provide lectures on topics: Art Development , Gender differences in Children’s Art,  Introduction to  Art Therapy, Art and Healing, Integrating the Therapeutic Aspects of Art in Art Education, Integrating the Arts in the Curriculum, Art in Times of War and Political Conflicts, The Art of the Holocaust, Postmodernist Art and Therapy, Positive Psychology, Self Portraiture in a Therapeutic Context, Art Based Research, Tattoos and Healing, and more.


I work with individuals, focusing on areas of grief and loss, resilience, and personal growth.  I have worked with people of many ages and who have a variety of issues my approach is eclectic however I have a strong leaning to positive psychology when appropriate.


I supervise groups and individuals applying for licenses and registration as Mental Health Counselors (LMHC) and Art Therapists (ATR).

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